Compassion International


Our Sponsored Child: Jaider

Not long ago, our students attended Winter Jam right here in Springfield, MO. We heard an impactful story from a member of Compassion International. After months of prayer and research, we decided that sponsoring a child in need what was a necessary part of the ministry we were doing. Shortly after, we found Jaider.

Jaider lives in the port city of Turbo, home to about 159,000 people. Spanish is the common language. Typical houses are constructed of cement floors, cement block walls, and corrugated tin roofs. The regional diet consists of beans, chicken, fish, plantains, rice, and cassava (Cassava is a nutty-flavored, starchy root vegetable). Common health problems include the flu, malaria, and digestive and respiratory disorders.

Most adults in Turbo make a living as fishers, plantation laborers, domestic service providers, or motorcycle taxi drivers. The average family income is equivalent to $159 per month. This community is affected by high unemployment and poor infrastructure. It needs access to clean water, a sewer system, paved streets, better housing, more jobs, and economic support to educate children and young people.

Jaider is now 3 years old. At this age, having someone to love and take care of him can still mean the difference between life and death. For now, maybe the most you can do is pray for him. If you're interested in financially supporting Jaider, reach out and see how you can impact his life. Click the link below and choose "Wildfire - Compassion International" to give today!

When we decided to sponsor Jaider, he had been waiting for 611 days.